A children's book written by Kerry Brown hilighting the differences in experience between a soldier in the first World War and a small child. Published by Harper Collins and ABC books in conjunction with the centenary of Anzac Day. The illustrations for Lest We Forget were made collaboratively - the child's perspective Illustrated by Isobel Knowles and the soldier's perspective illustrated by Benjamin Portas.
 Penguin advertised a social media position through a clever call for applicants. See the original composition  here .
  Soft Stories  is a collaboration between Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles. Soft Stories has published two children's books with Thames & Hudson, created several short films and exhibited artwork in Australia and internationally. See more from Soft Stories  here .
 Album Artwork for Kikuyu's record,  Hunter Gathered.  The artwork is made with photographs of paper sculptures inspired by the instruments used on the record. Kikuyu also uses birthday party type decorations on stage and they wanted this aesthetic to cross over into the album art.